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LA6IKA/QRP Fq. 14060 500 mW


In addition I will use the following calls: LU/LA6IKA, CE/LA6IKA and CE0Z/LA6IKA.

Nov. 8th.

I arrive Santiago on Sunday 11th, and start travelling south to Puerto Varas during the next week.

From Pto. Varas I have planned going to Bariloche, Argentina for two days before returning to Pto. Varas. On the 19th. I board the Navimag Ferry in Puerto Montt for a four days voyage to Puerto Natales.  During the first two weeks there will be little radio activity. When arriving in Ushuaia at the end of the month I will be on the air with c/s LU/LA6IKA from the Radio Club of Ushuaia, LU8XW or from my hotel.

The stay in Ushuaia wil be two or three weeks.

More info later............

December 3rd. 2007.

At the moment staying in Ushuaia and will be QRV until the 11th between 9 and 11Z in the morning and between 1930 and 2200Z in the evening on Fq. 14008 (CW) and Fq. 14070 (PSK31).

Left Ushuaia Dec. 11th. Heading north to Mendoza.

February 8th 2006.

My holidays in South America is over. I'm now back in Norway, preparing QSL-cards from LU ,  CE0Z and CE0Y.

Tks for FB QSO's all.

73 Svein

Dec. 28th. 2007

Juan Fernandez Island - SA005

At last I got contact with LASSA in Santiago and have booked flight out to Juan Fernandez Island on January 22nd. with return to Santiago on the 29th. Will try to get a room at Residencial Mirador Selkirk, a small hostal above the village, an excellent location for putting up my little antenna.

Listen for CE0Z/LA6IKA from the 22nd of january. Will work CW and PSK or other digi modes. CW around 14010, 21010 and 28010. PSK on 14070, 21070 and 28120.


Have got a new antenna, and will also work 30 and 40 meters, CW. Around 10110 and 4010 kHz in the evenings from about 22Z.  Condx are bad, but have worked EU  on 30 meters.

Easter Island - SA001

Easter Island is booked already and I will fly out on Jan. 11th. with return to Santiago on Jan. 20th. QRV as CE0Y/LA6IKA on the same fq's as above.

This is a holiday trip and I will only be on the air mornings and evenings.

Jan. 14. 2008

My setup with 10 W IC703 and a sloping dipole is doing fine. Worked many US and SAm and also one LA (LA4LN -559/559).